Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kindness Matters by TJP

When the boy my daughter writes about in this poem ended his life because of bullying at a school close to where she lived. My daughter, a mother herself, was in tears; we talked on the phone for a long time about it. Kindness matters, as this poem points out. It may save a life.

I read a story about a boy

Who took his life, from loss of joy

What could cause a child so young

To have his mother, find him hung

Smart and kind, with nice blue eyes

He should have been, one of the guys

But kids were mean, and even cruel

Because they thought, he wasn't "cool"

There really is, no way to know

Just how deep, the pain may go

But what if just one friend came by

Or called him up, to just say hi

His fateful day may not have been

He could have found his Joy again

We need to know, the power we hold

Encouraging words are like treasured gold

Choose this day, to plant the seeds

That kindness matters, in all our deeds

Do not let this day go by

Without showing love and just say hi

A simple act is all it takes

And what an impact, it will make

We may not ever really know

Just how much our kindness grows

But what if it could change some strife

And heal some hurts and pains in life

Your kindness may just pave the way

To save a person's life today.